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  • Extreme Edging Handjob
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  • Cruel CBT by a black haired leather Mistress.
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  • He must pull on his balls and the elastrator band, get the scissors and cut the band off before he loses his balls for good.
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Femdom CBT Video

  • Evil Ball Punching Handjob
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  • Cock Bruiser
  • Payton gets her client blindfolded, teased and eventually brought to an intense orgasm
  • First Time Slave CBT
  • Threat to Castrate
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  • Nurse Goddess Soma - CBT
  • Testicle Beatdown
  • Dominating Our Balls
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  • Unmerciful mistress clamps her slave's dick head with metal spring clamps and squeezes his nuts with a ball crusher
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  • A hard lesson for soft balls
  • Domme greets unlucky intruder with her baseball bat and some ball squashing
  • 43. Tiffany Crushes your Balls
  • Bound Bitch is Milked
  • CBT Ellie
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  • The Mistress wears leather and boots and whips the slave.
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  • Kelly's Captive - Part 2

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Free Ballbusting Videos

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  • Femdom: Adrianna Nicole: New Slave on the Block - Part 1
  • Daisy Tanks's Brutal Female Domination and Asian Ballbustin
  • Elise Graves uses various sized sounds and shoves them down her slaves urethra.
  • Milking the Caged Bitch


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