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  • Mistress Mona catches her slave Kade praying at her altar, praying to be let out of chastity.
  • Give It To Me
  • urethal play
  • Extreme Edging Handjob
  • Disfiguring Cock Balls
  • Rachel Steele in Love is Painful
  • Scream for your cock
  • extreme genital mods - scarification
  • cocks and dicks tortured
  • Evil Ball Punching Handjob
  • Violet ties this man on the massage table, dominates him, teases his cock head and ties his dick while jerking him off
  • Kicks Before Pleasure
  • Man is tied on table for milking
  • cbt needle torture
  • cbtdomina
  • Poor guy! He's just trying to earn some bucks for a living but instead of getting a little money, he is used and abused as a fuckslave by this he
  • Draining the prostate
  • Humbled Ball Abuse
  • Mummified slave in plastic wrap gets his balls tortured by a horny domina
  • Amateur homemade CBT
  • urethal play
  • nettle play
  • Franken Cock
  • Tease
  • Lady Natalie goes "to town" on her slave in this scene, with his limbs suspended he is completely vulnerable.
  • needle play
  • Femme fatale handjob
  • painfull penis cbt
  • The Last Ride (Handjob)
  • Machine Milking
  • Femdom cbt video
  • Cock torture in the shower - CBT movie
  • Never a normal orgasm
  • Festive Flash
  • Bound Bitch is Milked
  • Domina makes her slave endure CBT with domestic items
  • Pussy Licking Sex Toy
  • cbt for balls & penis
  • cbt for penis & balls
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Dominatrix Annabelle Femdom Videos - Slave Training, Cock & Ball Torment, FemDomme, Strap-on Play, Nipple Clamps, Anal Play, Mistress / slave, Pain, Corporal Punishment, Body Worship, Chastity Devices, Confinement, Caging, Cross Dressing, Latex, Leather, PVC, Hoods, Gags, Stockings & Suspenders, Erotic Photography, Tie & Tease, Bondage Hoods, Bondage Sex, Spanking, Submission, Smothering, Spitting, Smoking, Wax Play, Dildos, Bi, Pony & Puppy Play, Trampling, Foot Worship, Body Worship, Boot Worship, Glove Worship, Glove Smothering, Heel Sucking, Leg Worship, Body Worship, Human Ashtray, Milking, Masturbation, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Encouraged Feminisation and Fetish.

Femdom CBT Video

  • Yes You Can Can
  • She licks, sucks, bites and vibrates kade's cock until he cums all over ashley's hands, but not without getting herself off again first.
  • Sex without a partner
  • Solitary Slamming
  • Crucified
  • Forced to Cum
  • Payton gets her client blindfolded, teased and eventually brought to an intense orgasm
  • stretching
  • Secret Staffing
  • Smashing the Nuts!
  • first kick
  • Caged Cum Extraction
  • Mistress Lucrezia likes to see her slaves humbled, stretching his balls and nipples in the process.
  • Three femdom vampires seek out an innocent piece of man meat punish him then ruin his multiple orgasms and milk him raw for all his sperm!
  • Ball and nipple torture by a leather Mistress.
  • bondage - urethal play
  • Shocked, Crushed, Clamped. The Italian Femdom Dahlia secures her slave's balls into a ball crusher, then whips him with a dragon tail and torment
  • Girls Fucking Guys
  • dicks cbt
  • Is there a punishment more degrading for a man than to be fucked in the ass by his mistress with a strap-on? This fellow tries to appease Lady Hera wi
  • brutalizing bruised balls
  • cbt needle torture
  • Needles and vaccum pump
  • Worth The Wait
  • beg for pain
  • Interuption
  • Domestic Doms
  • Drunken Disorder
  • Mistress Liliane decides that slave dirt needs to prove his worthiness through enduring a play session full of CBT.
  • needle play
  • kicking dsicipline
  • Tara's chastity slave
  • She grabs, pulls and twists his tempted cock, until he admits he was flirting with her friends.
  • Chauvinistic Consequence
  • Ryanne Redd -Double Sounding
  • Sensual CBT
  • This lucky slave has two beautiful Mistresses using him as their bedtime plaything
  • The Gynoclinic Part 3
  • Cock and balls stimulations and torment
  • hardcore ballbusting
Sado Ladies
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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • Cock and Ball Torture
  • She ties up his cock and balls, places clothespins on his junk, and then torments him with a whartenberg wheel.
  • Femdoms Hunter and Victoria turn up the voltage and forcefully rip a cum shot out of his cock.
  • She has him kneel on two cinder blocks as she smacks his cock and balls.
  • Two gorgeous blonde mistresses have their slave strapped and use medical instruments to punish his cock and balls
  • Femdom: Ellie: Get me if you can
  • grabbing & squeezing
  • cock and balls torment
  • Mistress Charlee CBT
  • Mistress Nightshadow starts off with her slave standing in bondage. She crops his cock and balls and finds out how much weight he can handle hanging f
  • Arse Stretching
  • Swallow like a good slut
  • Diva Silk owns a slave with extremely large balls. In this clip she uses her devoted object for a variety of games.
  • New Beginnings - Kinky Kicks
  • Hot Wax, Trampling, Cock Torture
  • MIstress Samantha gorgeous blonde Domme
  • CBT playing penis tourture
  • Goddess Alura ..::.. Gigantic boobed malicious Amazon-Goddess has big joy to t*rture the ugly old gimp ..::.. SUPER HD
  • Kade is gagged, hooded and bound securely in her dungeon where Miss Mina Meow has full access to his cock and balls.
  • Maitresse gives one of her world famous teasing handjobs edging slave over and over again until he blows his load without her even touching his cock!
  • Femdom: Mina Meow: Mina's CBT Debut - Part 3
  • Tessa Taylor - Teenage Ballbuster with the Perverted Doctor
  • Cock punishment
  • The Big Surprise
  • kelly's Captive - Part 4
  • Domme greets unlucky intruder with her baseball bat and some ball squashing
  • biting cock
  • Lady Natalie has her helpless slave bondaged between two posts with his head clamped into a cage
  • Cheating boyfriend punished with cbt handjob
  • Latex Lovin'
  • Trussed on her bondage bench, the slave is helpless and vulnerable to Empress Cruel who shows no little or no mercy towards him
  • Mistress January tests out a new slave.
  • Goddess Soma and Mistress Victoria have just gotten back from a night at the opera, which left them a little restless. They've decided to enterta
  • curved penis
  • Ballbusting by Nyxon
  • Mz. Berlin humiliates you and does CBT on your cock and balls,because you can't get it up.
  • Magic wand punishment
  • Two horny girls strip and laugh at their decorator for having a tiny dick
  • Three stunners catch guy trying on their underwear and humiliate his tiny dick
  • Kelly's Captive - Part 2


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FemDom Tube - Mega Bitches - Mistresses enjoy torturing their slaves cock with their very sharp pointy stiletto leather boots. They crush his cock under their thin stiletto heels and watch as he squirms under their boots in pain. Click here

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