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  • Mistress Nyxon adds electro-pads to her slaves balls and shocks him so bad he can barely stay in position.
  • Masked slave gets kicked in the balls by a hot unstoppable femdom mistress
  • Beating a Slave
  • Festive Flash
  • PVC Passions
  • Lady K. knows all the secrets of how to humiliate men. This poor bastard is spanked so hard that he finally begs for mercy. But the torture has only j
  • CBT test
  • My Accountant
  • cbt penis play
  • "Eat Your Own Load"
  • Penis portfolio pages
  • Courier delivers wrong dildo so the girls humiliate his tiny dick with it
  • Cock in a Mousetrap
  • Stuff a Cock in it
  • Rutheless bitch
  • Body Worship
  • Violent Ass-Fuck!
  • Big Balls at the end...
  • Titillating Punishment: Pumped and Clipped (BONUS CLIP!)
  • Femdom at its best: Lady K. is having her way with an extremly submissive guy and two young sluts begging for punishment. Her main target is the slave
  • Coach Buck gets Coached
  • Clamped and Smothered
  • An Interview with Jasmeen Lefleur
  • A Humble Experience
  • Cheeky phone engineer is brought down to size by three girls for having a small cock
  • Catherine de Sade has been a long time video submissive but also a long time Private Professional Dominatrix. In....
  • 34. Crushing Jewels
  • Machine Milked
  • Blonde secretary gives her boss a harsh handjob
  • Knock Out
  • Male slave licks domme's boots clean before a ball-busting training session
  • Putting the Boot In
  • Used for Sex
  • Urethral play
  • cruel cbt devices - cbt nails penis
  • Three strippers force two guys to strip and compare their cock sizes
  • Eat Your Own Cum Handjob
  • The Mistress wears leather and boots and whips the slave.
  • Mistress Lucrezia likes to see her slaves humbled, stretching his balls and nipples in the process.
  • Festive Flash - Kinky Kicks

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Femdom CBT Video

  • Cock piercing
  • Dominatrix Annabelle and Mistress Lola subject Hobson to some hotwax and the pin wheel
  • Debut of Mistress Nightshadow - Part 2
  • It's quite amazing what this fellow has to endure in our Femdom Hospital! His dick is literally hooked up, and nurse Lady K is subjecting him to
  • Cheyenne Loves Ball Whipping
  • Don't Dissapoint Miss O
  • Femdom Couple Part 1
  • She ties up his cock and balls, places clothespins on his junk, and then torments him with a whartenberg wheel.
  • Teen Stripper Ballbusting and Cockbiting with Natasha Vega
  • Ballbusting kick
  • cbt bdsm
  • Violent Handjob
  • Seeing Stars
  • Beg Us To Get Kicked
  • Cocky mechanic gets humiliated by three girls whom laugh at his tiny dick
  • The Mistress wears leather and boots and whips the slave.
  • cbt torture pain
  • Power Change
  • cock torture - cocks and dicks tortured
  • CBT Ellie
  • Play With His Balls
  • Sinstress Skye's slave is in bondage with a metal cock ring as she ties up his cock and balls.
  • needle play
  • Limp Dick Humiliation
  • Dominatrix Annabelle - FemDom Strict Discipline
  • Two smoking hot latex clad evil nurses use a piece of man meat to painfully drain every ounce of man filth out of him!
  • Mistress Amber and Mistress Hunter surprise their cheating slave by showing up together. As his punishment, they of course torture his cock and balls
  • Brat princess Dana Dearmond cuckolds her boyfriend with the sexy football coach then humiliatingly jerks the coach off into her boyfriends mouth
  • A Painful Cruel Milking
  • Weird Cocks
  • CBT and Ballbusting and cock and ball biting
  • Sonya likes ball busting
  • Mistress Lacy Torments His Cock
  • Two-timing boyfriend gets harsh handjob
  • MIstress Samantha gorgeous blonde Domme
  • Amy Punishes Balls
  • penis extreme - cock and balls torment
  • It's really hard to say whether one should pity or envy this young slave. On the one hand, he has two gorgeous blonde girls entertaining him. On
  • bondage
  • Dommes in Training

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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • Lose Her game, lose your balls
  • exstream cbt torture
  • ballbusting
  • Electric Ejaculation
  • Now it is time to fuck his urethra with a long metal sound.
  • Meat Tenderizing CBT Handjob FULL MOVIE FemDom Threesome
  • Ball Games
  • Do Not Lie To Me Bitch 2!
  • Ballbusting by Nyxon
  • Resolution Reality
  • Hard kicking
  • adult cbt
  • Kicks For Kip
  • Medical cbt
  • Bailiff Beatdown
  • Two Kinky DOminas and a bound male
  • cbt penis play
  • Latex nurses from a famous femdom clinic stretch masked male slave in a Gyno chair and punish his cock and balls
  • No mercy for the balls
  • Punishment Power
  • Lucky slave is completely used as a tool for sex and pleasure by two dommes and has his cum milked from his loins while receiving strap-on sex!
  • CBT Ellie Bones
  • Fetish milf nurse handjob
  • Watch Femdom Cheyenne smacking, clipping, and caning a guy's cock and balls.
  • Glamour Girls Kicking 42 / FULL-HD
  • Learn to Lick Ass
  • electro play - nailing
  • Breaking Balls
  • Catherine deSade has her slave balance on a bondage chair
  • Punished Femdom:deviant kade, Goddess Soma
  • She has him kneel on two cinder blocks as she smacks his cock and balls.
  • Up or Down
  • Bedroom Romp
  • You want to come?
  • Mistress Nyxon puts his balls in a wooden carpenter vise to start off with. Nyxon then starts playing with metal sounds down his cock and fucks his ho
  • Mz. Berlin humiliates you and does CBT on your cock and balls,because you can't get it up.
  • Mistress Nightshadow starts off with her slave standing in bondage.
  • Secret Staffing
  • Mixed Femdom Whipping Videos FLV
  • The Punishment Officer


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