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  • Battered Blue Balls
  • Femdom: Elise Graves: Vibrating Sound
  • Mistress Mona catches her slave Kade praying at her altar, praying to be let out of chastity.
  • Knock Out
  • all cbt methods
  • Insatiable Amazon torturing a male
  • Mummification
  • Experimentation
  • Blonde secretary gives her boss a harsh handjob
  • Girls Night Out - The Hens 1st Dare!
  • Political Pounding - Kinky Kicks
  • Dominatrix Annabelle - FemDom Strict Discipline
  • Harnessing Male Chastity
  • Elise decides to see just how much weight her slave can handle.
  • Femdom: Elise Graves: First time CBT
  • extreme penis modification
  • Wanna Piece Of Me?
  • Dangerous Dentistry
  • Your Balls are Hers
  • Busty black latex nurse takes control pinching masked slave's nipples and teasing his cock and balls with her foot
  • urethal play
  • Group urethral play
  • beg for pain
  • Male slave stretched in a gyno chair and subjected to anal examination and genital punishments in a famous femdom clinic
  • Mistress Night Shadow has her slave on his back but ties his cock and balls to the ceiling.
  • Two girls prove that nightclub bouncers have big egos but small dicks
  • Mistress Carly jerks her submissive gimps cock nice and hard because she wants a big and messy load.
  • Goddess Brianna and Jade Tiger have no mercy for their male slaves
  • Experienced mistress and a bigtitted latex nurse administer CBT and electric punishments in a hospital Gyno chair
  • A Painful Jerking
  • Balls Meet Boots
  • All Men Are Bastards! - Kinky Kicks
  • Ballbusting with Hunter
  • Taster Session
  • Mistress O's Punishment
  • Mistress Julie Spanks has her slave bent over on his hands and knees, exposing his balls for easy access torture.
  • Man Or Mouse
  • ball busting cum slut
  • Flogged, Paddled, and Smacked
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Femdom CBT Video

  • cbt needle torture
  • Needles and vaccum pump
  • Nika Whips Cock
  • Mistress Nightshadow starts off with her slave standing in bondage. She crops his cock and balls and finds out how much weight he can handle hanging f
  • micro penis
  • CBT Interrogation
  • 37. Ballbusting Domination
  • cbt torture
  • Femdom Hunter ballbusts her slave for her first time ever doing ballbusting.
  • Mistress Amber and Mistress Hunter surprise their cheating slave by showing up together. As his punishment, they of course torture his cock and balls
  • Correction Acadamy
  • Tea Boy Tease
  • Dom Latino
  • Femdom Nyxon wants to crush his balls to see how flat she can get them.
  • Burglar Bust
  • Two sexy dommes restrain their bald slave and punish his cock and balls with clamping, bondage and urethra insertion
  • curved penis
  • Femdom: Dahlia: Dahlia's Puppet
  • Horny wife slaps her husband in chastity, cuckolds him with her boyfriend then makes him clean up cum with his mouth!
  • Bi-Bi Babes
  • penis cbt
  • Dominant Sarah ties him and strokes his cock to the edge and ruins his orgasm.
  • Busted Beyond Belief
  • CBT Extrim
  • Extreme Anal
  • Simone murmurs sexy sounds as she ties his cock and balls up tight before covering the shaft of his cock with clothespins.
  • Violet teases the hung stud and make him beg in agony as she ruins his throbbing cock.
  • Cock tied and helpless - free femdom CBT movie
  • Mistress Nightshadow starts off with her slave standing in bondage.
  • Solitary Slamming
  • CBT nuggets
  • Handjob after an Ass Whipping!
  • Lady Natalie has her helpless slave bondaged between two posts with his head clamped into a cage
  • Cocky mechanic gets humiliated by three girls whom laugh at his tiny dick
  • Sexy Mistress Carly grinds on one of her sissy slaves cocks while the other watches and whimpers.
  • Bounced
  • CBT and Ballbusting and cock and ball biting
  • Dommes put clothspins on submissive's cock
  • Femdom Nyxon starts playing with metal sounds down his cock and fucks his hole.
  • CBT and Ballbusting and cock and ball biting

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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • Enslaved by Her Feet 2
  • I own your balls! -MP4
  • Skyler Ball Busting tube
  • CBT gallery
  • cbt extreme - cbt torture
  • Banged Up!
  • Hot wax on slave genitals
  • Domina plays with her slave's nuts - CBT video
  • Mistress Nyxon gets creative with a classic hand drill that involved nipple clamps and one very twisted up cock.
  • Painfull cockslapping lesson for businessman
  • Insatiable with Sabrina Fox
  • cbt for penis & balls
  • Be Our Receptacle
  • Balls have a purpose
  • Cock and balls piecing
  • All dolled up in a blue latex outfit Sintress Skye pokes at her slave's dick in a metal cock cage with a skewer.
  • Girls Night Out: The Hens 1st Dare - Kinky Kicks
  • busty femdom
  • Ball Busting 2 Mistresses
  • Banged Up! - Kinky Kicks
  • Chastity
  • Foot Cream
  • No mercy for the balls
  • Deep fried dick
  • Divine Duet
  • A TV slave together with Lady Natalie Black in the clinic.
  • Bangers & Smash!
  • Extreme Anal
  • Mistress Cheyenne gets her slave on his back and does some very painful CBT to him with sharp brushes and ball crushers.
  • Mistress Autumn CBT
  • Female Domination CBT
  • Bossy music teacher squashes submissive student's cock with piano fallboard
  • cbt torture pain
  • Coach Buck gets Coached
  • Shoe Shuffle
  • Ball Busting
  • fem dom cbt
  • electro play - nailing
  • Dirty old teacher gives top marks to furious cocksucking student
  • Mistress video - femdom


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