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  • Bootilicious
  • Delighted Mistress
  • Extras
  • Dr Simones Office
  • CBT video
  • Ryanne has you right where she wants you. She has a ball stretcher attached to you and lubes up your cock.
  • Don't Dissapoint Miss O
  • Lady Nicole has a new slave. At first, he refuses to obey her commands, but after some hours of training, he is absolutely submissive. She can even ta
  • Mistress O's Punishment
  • Tied up, blindfolded, gagged, whipped - this guy is subjected to various kinds of debasing acts by his merciless mistress. He almost cums when his dom
  • kicking dsicipline
  • cbt electro
  • cbt torture pain
  • Torturing His Balls
  • Goddess Soma and Mistress Victoria have just gotten back from a night at the opera, which left them a little restless. They've decided to enterta
  • Femdom: Elise Graves: First time CBT
  • Femdom: Mistress Lillian: Unworthy - Part 3
  • CBT in the Kitchen
  • Asian Mistress Chastity tease
  • extreme genital mods
  • Mistress ropes slave dick before cbt
  • Latex nurses from a famous femdom clinic stretch masked male slave in a Gyno chair and punish his cock and balls
  • extreme penis modification
  • Busty mistress dresses her slave like a whore and takes his hard cock and balls through a series of painful punishments
  • He must pull on his balls and the elastrator band, get the scissors and cut the band off before he loses his balls for good.
  • Experimentation
  • 12. No Mercy Ballkicking in Boots
  • The New Regime
  • Evil Ethics
  • Elise starts her new slave off by tightly tying rough twine around his cock and balls.
  • Cock and balls stimulations, modifications and torment
  • extreme genital torture and implants
  • Sintress Skye's slave is in bondage with a metal cock ring as she ties up his cock and balls. She starts to use the small metal sound on him, wor
  • dicks cbt - heaviest ball weights
  • Two Kinky DOminas and a bound male
  • torment cbt penis tray
  • Extreme Cock And Ball Torture
  • Dirty Doms
  • Femdom: Domina Athena: Tonight's Entertainment - Part 2
  • CBT extreme
Alice In Bondage Land
The chronicles of Mistress real-world kinky life

Femdom CBT Video

  • Ballbusting Auditions - Cinnamon
  • Mistress shows her new slave the pain of CBT
  • Weird Cocks
  • Sorry Balls
  • Courtney Taylor is a Ballbusting Blonde Bratty Teen
  • Two slaves punished
  • Mistress torments and humiliates her slave, while he is in bondage
  • Lady Natalie has her helpless slave bondaged between two posts with his head clamped into a cage
  • Sonya likes ball busting
  • Cocky mechanic gets humiliated by three girls whom laugh at his tiny dick
  • Sexy nurse in red latex uniform punishes her slave's cock and balls applying electric shockers and urethra penetrations
  • cbt for penis & balls
  • All Men Are Bastards
  • Close up of Karen the TV slut wanking her big cock
  • Two Ladies and the Anal Slave
  • bet your balls
  • Femdom: Goddess Soma: Nurse Goddess Soma - Part 2
  • Goddess Soma & Mistress Victoria
  • Is there a punishment more degrading for a man than to be fucked in the ass by his mistress with a strap-on? This fellow tries to appease Lady Hera wi
  • No break for balls
  • It's really hard to say whether one should pity or envy this young slave. On the one hand, he has two gorgeous blonde girls entertaining him. On
  • Hot wax on slave genitals
  • Stretched and Milked by Mistress Kiana
  • Cock and Ball Stomping
  • Kicking Constant Action
  • Dominatrix Annabelle - FemDom Strict Discipline
  • Faith in Farrah
  • Slave vs Machine
  • Femdom: Catherine deSade: Bound Slave - Part 2
  • Mistress video - trampling
  • The ultimate collection of cock and balls femdom punishment videos
  • Smash Hits
  • Evil Ruined Orgasm!
  • Femdom Couple Part 1
  • Big Balls in the Public
  • Mixed Femdom BallBusting Videos FLV
  • Bust em up
  • Three girls strip delivery guy naked and laugh at his tiny penis
  • Three MILFs strip and humiliate tiny cock plumber for giving them a high quote
  • Bitchy girls rip into fat bastard as they laugh at how small his cock is

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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • Slaveboy strap-on fucked in humiliating pile driver while locked in chastity and brutally teased and denied!
  • Busty babe stroked post orgasm in agony as she rubs his quivering cock
  • Cruel Pleasures
  • fat penis
  • He wants to come i stop!
  • Every Last Drop
  • Ballbusting with Hunter
  • nettle play
  • adult cbt
  • Lady Hera's servant has misbehaved. So she takes him to her attic where he receives his well-deserved punishment. You will get goosebumps when yo
  • extreme cbt
  • After a long sensual and teasing session, the slave gets off and cums solely from the sensation of the vibrating sound in his cock.
  • Kick 'n' Cum
  • Femdom: Mistress Mona: Asleep on the Job - Part 3
  • Spank 'n Spunk!
  • Resolution Reality
  • Femdoms Hunter and Victoria turn up the voltage and forcefully rip a cum shot out of his cock.
  • cbt torture pain
  • Banged Up!
  • Forced to Cum
  • Madison Young - Ball Crushing
  • Mina's CBT Debut
  • Man Or Mouse? - Kinky Kicks
  • Mistresses ballbust their slave with hard kicks
  • Soma Medical
  • Mixed Femdom BallBusting Videos FLV
  • Busty black domme in red latex nurse uniform has her masked slave restrained and gives his cock and balls intensive care
  • all cbt methods
  • Jerk off without hands
  • Brianna - BallBusting movie
  • Ballbusting and CBT
  • Extreme cbt
  • Broken in 24 part 2
  • Needle play
  • Kelly's Captive - Part 3
  • Femdom: Empress Hikari: Empress' New Toy
  • Mixed Ballbusting Videos
  • Harnessing Male Chastity
  • Dominatrix Annabelle - My Slave you will Obey


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