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  • Medical Milking
  • Latex clad mistressess gives handjob
  • Gloryhole cock slap
  • Electrics!
  • Shoe Shuffle
  • CBT Extreme
  • dicks cbt - bondage
  • Hanged by the cock
  • slave cbt
  • Dominatrix Carly has dreamt up a whole new punishment for her submissive and she is going to have a bit of fun with his spunk.
  • Brunette mistress giving cbt a slave
  • Foot Cream
  • Femdom Kat gets to be the first Dom to strap a slave into our new chair that was made especially for cock and ball torture.
  • adult cbt
  • Femdom: Ellie: Bedroom Romp
  • torment cbt penis tray
  • Ballbusting Videos
  • Arrogant chef is brought down to earth when the girls see his tiny penis
  • With no means of escape the slave must endure the wicked torments of his Mistress. Her methods
  • Cruel Pleasures
  • Two gorgeous blonde mistresses have their slave strapped and use medical instruments to punish his cock and balls
  • Goddess Soma and Mistress Victoria have just gotten back from a night at the opera, which left them a little restless. They've decided to enterta
  • Lady Natalie goes "to town" on her slave in this scene, with his limbs suspended he is completely vulnerable.
  • The Cock and Ball Box
  • Candle Play
  • Lady K. knows all the secrets of how to humiliate men. This poor bastard is spanked so hard that he finally begs for mercy. But the torture has only j
  • Spank 'n Spunk!
  • Elise starts her new slave off by tightly tying rough twine around his cock and balls.
  • stretching - weights
  • Guess Who!
  • Yes You Can Can
  • painfull penis cbt
  • Kelly's Captive - Part 4
  • Bangers & Smash! - Kinky Kicks
  • Diva Silk owns a slave with extremely large balls. In this clip she uses her devoted object for a variety of games.
  • cbt torture
  • Genesis torturing male genitals
  • penis tattoos
  • Kicking Constant Action
  • Double Domme CBT
Alice In Bondage Land
The chronicles of Mistress real-world kinky life

Femdom CBT Video

  • Bound slave
  • Keep It In Your Ass!
  • ballbusting
  • free cbt vids
  • No break for balls
  • Suffer the cane
  • MIstress Bobbi Starr objectifies, humiliates, butt fucks and uses bitchboy then slaps him back into chastity forever.
  • Femdom: Mistress Mona: Praying to Goddess - Part 1
  • She continuously pins slave william, once pinned she kicks, punches, and squeezes his cock and balls relentlessly.
  • urethal play
  • This plumber's plunger is way too small to impress Shay and Laura
  • Three girls strip delivery guy naked and laugh at his tiny penis
  • Power Change
  • Divine Duet 2
  • Cocky repairman is humiliated by office girls when they discover his little dick
  • Three stunners catch guy trying on their underwear and humiliate his tiny dick
  • Ass Thrash and Broken Balls!
  • Metal sounding
  • Dia Zerva Blonde Boss Lady Busting Balls
  • amatuer wife cbt on there husband picture
  • castration cbt
  • 17. Double Beating in the Nuts
  • New ballbusting clip - Under her boss' heels
  • CBT  bondage
  • Resolution Reality
  • Femdom: Simone Kross: No Mercy - Part 2
  • Dial A Sack
  • Bigot Bruising
  • Experienced mistress practicing cbt
  • penis piercing
  • Mistress Charlee CBT
  • Young fatso busted wanking off gets brutal cock trampling from his mistress
  • Cock and balls modifications
  • Needles in balls
  • Simone Kross works kade over with an intense series of metal devices. These include clover clamps, forceps, and literally every single clamp that Simo
  • Femdom Ellie makes Her Debut
  • Legs spread and arse invaded by the skilled hands and huge strap-on of Lady Tatjana Cruela
  • cock torture
  • Gelded Bitch
  • Lady Hera is having breakfast, but her coffee tastes like lukewarm water! The Lady is really pissed and her butler has to pay the price. First, he has

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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • first kick
  • Three MILFs strip and humiliate tiny cock plumber for giving them a high quote
  • Swollen Chastity Balls
  • Karrlie Dawn
  • Mistress tests out a new CBT slave, to see what he is made of
  • Dom Latino
  • Mistress in latex military uniform pulls the rope tied around crucified slave's cock and balls making him moan of pain
  • Then she saran wraps him to a bench and proceeds to torture him with Fire and Ice. She ties his cock and balls up tightly with rope, and alternates dr
  • kelly's Captive - Part 4
  • cocks and dicks tortured - cock torture
  • cbt penis play
  • Brutal ballbusting femdom
  • Sent From Santa
  • cbt extreme - cbt torture
  • Cock in a Mousetrap
  • She Loves To Hit Balls
  • Sinister Game for Chastity Slave
  • CBT and Ballbusting and cock and ball biting
  • Born To Bust! - Kinky Kicks
  • No mercy for the balls
  • Milking Slave 6440
  • Ballbusting Auditions - Cinnamon
  • Edge, Edge, Eat!
  • PVC Maid in Bondage
  • Extreme Anal
  • Now it is time to fuck his urethra with a long metal sound.
  • Kelly's Captive - Part 2
  • This small cock loser won't get to fuck these hunnies, he will just get humiliated!
  • Teen Ballbusting Breakup Sample Video with Tess Morgan
  • Double Domme Divine Duet - Ball Busting
  • all cbt methods
  • Mistress video - trampling
  • Male slave stretched in a gyno chair and subjected to anal examination and genital punishments in a famous femdom clinic
  • Hack The Habit
  • Femdom cbt video
  • Punish the cock
  • Back For More
  • Kade is gagged, hooded and bound securely in her dungeon where Miss Mina Meow has full access to his cock and balls.
  • Jerk off without hands
  • needle play


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