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  • Poor guy! He's just trying to earn some bucks for a living but instead of getting a little money, he is used and abused as a fuckslave by this he
  • Extreme Cock And Ball Torture
  • Ballbusting Auditions - Victoria Marquez
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  • Two hot BBW girls give a degrading femdom handjob
  • Experimentation
  • Ballbusting video
  • Balls Meet Boots
  • weights
  • Satine Phoenix
  • The Heat Is On
  • Dominatrix Annabelle - FemDom Strict Discipline
  • Sinister Game for Chastity Slave
  • You will never CUM AGAIN
  • Handjob from Hell
  • Femdom: Adrianna Nicole: New Slave on the Block - Part 1
  • Burglar Bust - Kinky Kicks
  • Cock in a Mousetrap
  • Bi-Bi Babes
  • Lady Victoria Valente has her slave strapped to the cross and wants to test the slave&#39
  • For Vixen's Pleasure
  • Now it is time to fuck his urethra with a long metal sound.
  • Pudgy slave made to spread legs and getting his balls kicked and whipped
  • Foot Cream
  • Birthday Boots
  • Mistress pumps male slave's butt with a dildo then suspends him and trains
  • The Mistress wears leather and boots and whips the slave.
  • A hot Italian Dominatrix uses a small vise on his cock and balls to crush them and make her slave scream.
  • CBT a Slave
  • Say You Love Me
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  • Feel the Burn
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  • Sexy rubber milking and face-sitting.
  • Femdom Hunter ballbusts her slave for her first time ever doing ballbusting.
  • Lady Nicole has a new slave. At first, he refuses to obey her commands, but after some hours of training, he is absolutely submissive. She can even ta
  • Femdom: Domina Athena: Tonight's Entertainment - Part 2
  • stretching - weights
  • Red Hot
  • Nasty Shoes
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Femdom CBT Video

  • Domina plays with her slave's nuts - CBT video
  • Courier delivers wrong dildo so the girls humiliate his tiny dick with it
  • Outdoor pee and slave training
  • Lady Hera picks up a horny guy in a bar. When she takes him up to her attic, he's in for a real surprise: Instead of getting fucked, he is treate
  • Giselle Hates Balls
  • Asian Domination
  • Pleasure Her Or Your Balls Will Pay
  • A Sound Wanking
  • Experimentation
  • Dom Latino
  • Busty mistress dresses her slave like a whore and takes his hard cock and balls through a series of painful punishments
  • Yes You Can Can
  • Play With His Balls
  • biting cock
  • Femdom: Mistress Hunter, Mistress Amber: Urethral Play
  • Kick Balls
  • Needles and vaccum pump
  • Foot Sucker
  • Torturing His Balls
  • Late for Session
  • electro play
  • all cbt methods - injections
  • amateur's cock and balls homemade torment
  • Spank 'n Spunk!
  • Evil Ethics
  • Insatiable with Sabrina Fox
  • OMG Not my nuts
  • Two Ladies and the Anal Slave
  • Mistress January catches her slave jerking off in her throne!  She beats him, tortures his cock, and fucks him in the ass with her strap-on.
  • Chicks In Charge
  • Re Test! - Kinky Kicks
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  • Blonde Dominatrix trains bitch slaveboy with large butt plugs and does a reversed pile driver on his ass!
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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • Shayne Ryder is a sexy blonde dominatrix!
  • Handjob after an Ass Whipping!
  • Mistress Cheyenne comes back to bust some more cock and balls.
  • Kicks For Kip
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  • Femdom: Dahlia: Debut of Mistress Dahlia (A hot Italian Dominatrix)
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  • Satine Phoenix
  • Experienced mistress and a bigtitted latex nurse administer CBT and electric punishments in a hospital Gyno chair
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  • Rubber Handjob
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  • Femdom: Femdom Cheyenne: Ready and Waiting
  • Femdom CBT Gallery
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  • Lady Hera's chauffeur has had an accident with one of her luxury cars. And because she doesn't belong to the forgiving sort of woman, she ma
  • Shocked, Crushed, Clamped. The Italian Femdom Dahlia secures her slave's balls into a ball crusher, then whips him with a dragon tail and torment
  • Ball and nipple torture by a leather Mistress.
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  • Femdom Nyxon starts playing with metal sounds down his cock and fucks his hole.
  • Fuck My Feet
  • Skillful ripe domina tortures her slave's sack till it gets dark and shiny
  • Nika Whips Cock
  • Ballbusting Bitches - Kinky Kicks
  • Domina rides the tongue of her CBT slave covered with shiny plastic wrap
  • Femdom Ellie has a slave strung up in the basement and ready to have his cock and balls crushed
  • Painful clothespin CBT
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