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  • Latex nurses from a famous femdom clinic stretch masked male slave in a Gyno chair and punish his cock and balls
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  • Cheeky phone engineer is brought down to size by three girls for having a small cock
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  • Lady Hera's chauffeur has had an accident with one of her luxury cars. And because she doesn't belong to the forgiving sort of woman, she ma
  • Leather Mistress abuses a slave as a human ashtray.
  • Two girls prove that nightclub bouncers have big egos but small dicks
  • My Slave you will Obey
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  • Busty black domme in red latex nurse uniform has her masked slave restrained and gives his cock and balls intensive care
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  • This plumber's plunger is way too small to impress Shay and Laura
  • Kicking Constant Action
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  • Femdom: Ellie: Bedroom Romp
  • Dia Zerva Blonde Boss Lady Busting Balls
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  • Horny wife slaps her husband in chastity, cuckolds him with her boyfriend then makes him clean up cum with his mouth!
  • Busty mistress dresses her slave like a whore and takes his hard cock and balls through a series of painful punishments
  • Suffer for my Pussy
  • 42. Torturer in Pink
  • Crimped, Pumped, Shocked
  • Situations Vacant
  • Elise Graves has her slave bent over backwards and attaches heavy weights on a pulley to her slave's balls.
  • Chicks In Charge
  • Be Our Receptacle
  • Femdom: Adrianna Nicole: New Slave on the Block - Part 1
  • New CBT Chair Test Run
  • Pleasure Her Or Your Balls Will Pay
  • 'B' Wing
  • Mistress Samantha pantyhose video samples
  • rick thought he was getting away with serving both Mistress Amber and Mistress Hunter without them knowing.
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  • The young but talented Mistress Kat makes her CBT and Ballbusting debut, but is no stranger to cock and ball torture! She encases slave william in Sar

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Femdom CBT Video

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  • Tuggers - Kinky Kicks
  • Femdom Couple Part 1
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  • Burning Up
  • Empress Hikari
  • Dominatrix Carly has dreamt up a whole new punishment for her submissive and she is going to have a bit of fun with his spunk.
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  • Mistress Cheyenne leads slave will in by a chain around his cock. She then straps him into a swinging bed and begins his torment for the day. Cheyenne
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  • Elise Graves uses various sized sounds and shoves them down her slaves urethra.
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  • She licks, sucks, bites and vibrates kade's cock until he cums all over ashley's hands, but not without getting herself off again first.
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  • He is entirely at my mercy as I use him as my stress toy, with extreme pegging, face smothering and enforced milking
  • Then she saran wraps him to a bench and proceeds to torture him with Fire and Ice. She ties his cock and balls up tightly with rope, and alternates dr
  • Ballbusting with Hunter
  • Giselle Hates Balls
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  • Double with Sidney and Missy
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  • Ball Caning
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  • She attaches a humbler to his balls and proceeds to crop and spank his ass, causing him to lunge forward and pull on his own balls.
  • Insatiable with Sabrina Fox
  • Tied up, blindfolded, gagged, whipped - this guy is subjected to various kinds of debasing acts by his merciless mistress. He almost cums when his dom
  • Mistress video - trampling
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  • Femdoms Hunter and Victoria turn up the voltage and forcefully rip a cum shot out of his cock.
  • Femdom: Domina Athena: Tonight's Entertainment - Part 2
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  • Bitchboy is brutally teased and denied by Goddess Aiden Starr with the power tool fucksall rubber pussy.
  • Vicar succumbs to Depravity
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  • Mistress Nightshadow starts off with her slave standing in bondage.
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  • 24. Red Ballbuster Cock Torture
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