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  • Ashley Fires fiercely dominates slaveboy with electrical CBT, evil ass pounding and the most excruciating ruined orgasm ever!
  • all kind of cock stimulation and modifications
  • FemDom CBT Blowjob
  • Humiliating Handjob
  • Balls Meet Boots
  • Needles and vaccum pump
  • Smelly Slave Beatdown
  • cbt for penis & balls
  • Do They Measure Up
  • Candle Play
  • ways cbt penis tourture
  • Karen TV Slut pushing a urethral sound inside her hard cock
  • Back For More
  • Mistress Liliane decides that slave dirt needs to prove his worthiness through enduring a play session full of CBT.
  • Guess Who!
  • Girls Night Out - The Hens 1st Dare!
  • Ballbusting kick
  • slave cbt - penis cbt
  • Domestic Doms
  • Femdom: Dahlia: Debut of Mistress Dahlia (A hot Italian Dominatrix)
  • cock torture - cocks and dicks tortured
  • New Balls
  • Sintress Skye's slave is in bondage with a metal cock ring as she ties up his cock and balls. She starts to use the small metal sound on him, wor
  • Dommes put clothspins on submissive's cock
  • CBT
  • Esmi Loves Ballbusting
  • Balls are for trampling
  • Bossy music teacher squashes submissive student's cock with piano fallboard
  • Ballbusting by Nyxon
  • cock torture
  • Amazon Ballbuster
  • bdsm cbt
  • The Mistress wears leather and boots and whips the slave.
  • Crucified
  • Resolution Reality
  • nailing
  • CBT medical treatment
  • Madison Young - CBT
  • Then she saran wraps him to a bench and proceeds to torture him with Fire and Ice. She ties his cock and balls up tightly with rope, and alternates dr
  • Incredible photos including extreme genital mods,skewered balls,castration
Alice In Bondage Land
The chronicles of Mistress real-world kinky life

Femdom CBT Video

  • Arse Stretching
  • Brunette mistress giving cbt a slave
  • Sounds and tweezers on his cock
  • Two hot BBW girls give a degrading femdom handjob
  • Femdom: Mistress Mona: Praying to Goddess - Part 1
  • A Painful Jerking
  • Kicks For Kip
  • Hard-Bitten Cock
  • He is entirely at my mercy as I use him as my stress toy, with extreme pegging, face smothering and enforced milking
  • Elise Graves uses various sized sounds and shoves them down her slaves urethra.
  • 42. Torturer in Pink
  • Mistress Cheyenne gets her slave on his back and does some very painful CBT to him with sharp brushes and ball crushers.
  • Nurse Goddess Soma - Part 4
  • Madison Young Ball Busting
  • Her Torment Toy
  • Coach Buck gets Coached
  • Arrogant chef is brought down to earth when the girls see his tiny penis
  • Mistress T & Lexi Sindel
  • Mistress Dahlia gets sadistically creative with her slave
  • More Fun Than Stripping
  • Cbt and cock trampling session
  • Nina Devon - Ebony Ballbusting and Facesitting in a Thong
  • Cock punishment
  • Penis cbt torture
  • Butler Bust - Kinky Kicks
  • Nurse Goddess Soma
  • Masked latex mistress and her bigtitted assistant administer urethral electric shocking and other CBT punishments
  • Feet And Balls
  • All this guy wanted was a new job. But his interview with Lady Nicole takes an unexpected turn. Has nobody told him that you have to be really submiss
  • Blondes Have More Fun
  • cocks and dicks tortured
  • Electrocution Perdicament
  • Mistress Lucrezia likes to see her slaves humbled, stretching his balls and nipples in the process.
  • Mistress January catches her slave jerking off in her throne!  She beats him, tortures his cock, and fucks him in the ass with her strap-on.
  • 13. Exciting Crushing Balls
  • Cock and balls modifications
  • Urethral play CBT
  • A Planet Of Dominant Females
  • Girls want a big cock to sweeten the deal but this guy's dick is laughable
  • Tied up, blindfolded, gagged, whipped - this guy is subjected to various kinds of debasing acts by his merciless mistress. He almost cums when his dom
Sado Ladies
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Free Ballbusting Videos

  • Femdom: Domina Athena: Tonight's Entertainment - Part 2
  • Brianna - BallBusting movie
  • Femdom: Mistress Nightshadow: nightshade-2-p3
  • Dominatrix Annabelle - FemDom Strict Discipline
  • Kelly's Captive - Part 4
  • Skillful femdom goddess stretches masked slave on a wooden punishment bed and administers painful CBT punishments
  • Punishment in the Bathroom
  • Testicle Wrestling
  • Tina Tink is a Cock Biting Schoolgirl in Pigtails
  • Milked in Latex
  • Face kicking
  • Chastity Extraction
  • Skillful ripe domina tortures her slave's sack till it gets dark and shiny
  • Bondage Chair Fuck
  • Horny wife slaps her husband in chastity, cuckolds him with her boyfriend then makes him clean up cum with his mouth!
  • Cock shop
  • Dungeon domination and squirting with Mistress Sidney
  • 37. Ballbusting Domination
  • Hunter returns for her second time to CBTandBallbusting this times she brings her girlfriend Victoria along.
  • OMG Not my nuts
  • Adrianna Nicole breaks in a new slave for her first time. Adrianna tests the elasticity of his balls with a couple large weights, and torments him wit
  • Painful Prick Tease
  • The Heat Is On
  • Lets Destroy His Balls
  • Sexual Objectification
  • Savage Sodomy
  • Cruel Pleasures
  • Separated balls
  • Trample - CBT - Foot Wank
  • Harnessing Male Chastity
  • Cock Draining
  • Horny mistress feels too much excited to ignore the strongest desire of pegging masked slave's face for openers. Well, she goes on with teasing a
  • Shayne Ryder is a sexy blonde dominatrix!
  • all kind of cock stimulation and modifications
  • Empress Hikari
  • Irresistibly sexy mistress tramples slave wrapped in black leather. She is not satisfied at all and wants to use her favorite vibrators to work obedie
  • ways cbt penis tourture
  • cbt torture pain - needle play
  • Ballbusting Auditions - Eva Notty
  • Furious babe punishes boyfriend after seeing credit card bill


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